2018 Cover Choices for Complete Book

We have refreshed our cover selections for 2018, and we’re confident that you’ll find a cover that will make your book stand out. Our pre-designed covers provide a cost effective way of customising your most important selling tool and complimenting your brand image.

Our designs are created from dealer feedback, and themes from our most popular designs are re-drafted to give a refreshed look. However if you want to supply your own covers, please select this option when placing your order online.

To ensure that your catalogues are always up to date, for all new catalogues printed we will not be having a year printed on them, but will instead have an edition number. This is so that we can distinguish between the editions, but as some publications may span over years it’s important to not make the publication look out of date before its change date. For example our Facilities Supplies catalogue will be Edition 17, meaning issued in 2017, but it will still be valid into 2018.

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