Facilities Supplies

Range, innovation and service are the keys to success in the facilities supplies sector. Our Facilities Supplies catalogue brings together market leading product innovations as well as core products to make sure you are the one-stop-shop. Our product range is built by experts whose experience in this category is vast, and coupled with a next day delivery service on most lines you can be sure to beat the competition on all levels.

Catalogue Quantities 200-299 300-999 1000+
Facilities Supplies 2018 £3.02 £2.72 £2.52
Price with 5% Saving * £2.87 £2.58 £2.40
Flicki Price Version Static Dynamic
Price £249.00 £299.00

* Save 5% on all orders placed before 01/08/17

All pricing and availability of publications is subject to minimum order quantity being reached.
In the unlikely event that minimums were not met, any amendment would be advised prior to print-runs being confirmed.

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