5 Star™ Book 2018

Our 5 Star™ range now stands at over 2000 lines, giving you the opportunity to deliver savings for your customers, whilst enhancing your own margins. With 5 Star™ alternatives available in all key categories, now is a great time to encourage your customers to conduct a FREE Audit where you can identify the savings that can be made. You can now offer the value alternative with confidence, all sold from its very own catalogue.

Catalogue Quantities 200-299 300-999 1000+
5 Star™ Book 2018 £1.66 £1.55 £1.42
Price with 5% Saving * £1.58 £1.48 £1.35
Flicki Price Version Static Dynamic
Price £149.00 £199.00

* Save 5% on all orders placed before 18/08/17

All pricing and availability of publications is subject to minimum order quantity being reached.
In the unlikely event that minimums were not met, any amendment would be advised prior to print-runs being confirmed.

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