Develop Your Marketing Plan

The core marketing plans for 2016 are driven by our Marketing Calendar, which you can use to develop your own bespoke calendar.

The calendar has been based upon seasonal events, end user behaviour and core product categories. The activities in the calendar run alongside the marketing support you get from buying into the Complete Book and other printed publications.

Campaign themes

There are six campaign themes per quarter, enabling you to choose those most relevant for your business. We will support you with product data, images, newsletters and content to help you go to market effectively.

This layered approach will help you to deliver sales returns through the combination of consistent messages and strong offers for your customers.

5 essential components that bring the Marketing Calendar to life


Take advantage of our specially negotiated deals! Your price files will automatically calculate promotional cost prices for you.


Stock levels are monitored constantly, if you are planning a sales blitz, give us the ‘heads up’.