More categories, more choice


Office Supplies 5 Star™ Furniture Technology Workplace Limitless Range Industry Specific

Spicers offers you the widest range of products, stocking more than 16,000 core product lines from more than 300 suppliers.

We have significantly expanded our categories, widening the range for your customers and bringing cost and efficiency benefits for your business. In addition to the leading brands we also offer our own 5 Star™ brand, a cost effective option that delivers big brand quality.

You can view our complete product portfolio, extended product information and COSHH sheets by clicking through to our website.

New Spicers, new opportunities

In a static market, we can help you to open new opportunities and grow your business through additional sectors and categories.

  • Source everything your customers need from our stocked ranges, Limitless range or our Specials service
  • Industry Specialists on hand to advise and help you secure new revenue streams including Workplace Solutions, Furniture and MPS

  • Added value for your customers through consolidated buying; saving them time, cost and admin

Be it stationery, paper supplies and electronics to work wear, furniture and much, much more, Spicers are a one-stop-shop for the workplace.

A single source for you and your customers

Specials sourcing

Whilst our catalogue boasts a range of over 14,500 products we realise that occasionally your customers require something different. Our Spicers Extra team are experienced in sourcing a wide variety of niche products at the right price, to help you retain and convert any extra opportunities.

Bespoke stock

In addition to Specials we can also stock bespoke products within our distribution network on your behalf. This enables you and your customers to receive complete deliveries from one trusted source. There are two options, you can manage the relationship with the manufacturer or we can manage this for you and the products will form part of our expert inventory process.

Get in touch

For queries about any specific products that are not within our product range please contact us here.