SPOT Transitioning To A Greener Future

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June 4, 2019
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June 18, 2019
Greener Future

Transitioning to a greener future

As part of the SPOT Group’s dedication to a greener future, we are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our business; as such, we are pleased to announce our recent transition to 100% renewable electricity, sourced from UK wind.  The move is part of our CSR programme, which was set up to address sustainability and social impact across all levels of SPOT’s business and enables us to operate in a manner that allows the people, communities and planet we interact with to prosper.

Doing Business Smarter

Businesses are responsible for more than half of the UK’s energy consumption, so it’s important, as a UK business, we look at initiatives that help us move away from fossil fuels and instead use renewable sources for our energy needs.

Not only are fossil fuels extremely damaging to the environment, due to the release of greenhouse gases, they are also a finite source of energy, so the need for using alternative energy sources has become far greater.

Renewable energies are a source of clean and inexhaustible energy and produce neither greenhouse gases, which cause climate change, nor polluting emissions.

“Our switch to renewable electricity demonstrates our commitment to responsible supply chain energy sourcing and it will provide a direct benefit to our customers by improving their supply chain sustainability and helping them meet their own environmental goals.” says SPOT CEO, Steve Horne.

In the UK, the average amount of renewable energy sources found within the commercial energy mix is 29%, with the primary energy source being gases at 41.2%. However, The SPOT Group’s new energy mix across all their sites is from 100% renewable sources, generated from offshore wind farms across the coasts of the UK; this will help deliver longer-term value and advance SPOT’s wider commitment to carbon reduction.

The transition to renewable electricity will deliver an 840 tonne reduction in CO2 emissions p.a. off-set through their new energy source. Annually, they will receive a Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) backed evidence report to provide our customers and staff transparency into our electricity mix.

“This is an important step towards building long-term green partnerships with our suppliers that will allow our customers, our staff, the communities we work with and the planet to thrive.”

Sustainable Operations

The SPOT Group have also heavily invested in reducing the carbon footprint of their delivery fleet.

“Delivering goods to their point-of-use is central to our service to our customers.” Comments Group Operations Director, Rick Jones, “So, we’ve taken action to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of our transport operations. In 2017, we cut our annual mileage by 1,000,000km – significantly lowering our carbon footprint. 2018 was another successful year for our green logistics fleet.”

As well as receiving a gold award at the 2018 Global Good Awards, SPOT’s sustainable transport operation, OfficeFleet has been awarded Gold Fleet status by Masternaut for a second year in a row. Masternaut launched its Fleet CO2 Reduction Programme to reward companies making strides to reduce the CO2 output of their fleets. The scheme has been verified by the Energy Savings Trust and uses data collected from its vehicle tracking devices to assess fuel efficiency.

Masternaut compared data collected from SPOT’s OfficeFleet vans’ fuel injectors and odometers to data from other companies’ fleets. Analysis found that the OfficeFleet fleet had outperformed the benchmark by 5% or more during 2017 – making it eligible for Gold Fleet status.

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