How investing in a packet of sticky notes, could transform your life

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September 10, 2018
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In today’s increasingly digital world, the act of putting pen to paper has lost its allure. Despite our ancestors having been very fond of writing for almost 6,000 years!

Despite this transition, studies suggest that you can be up to 42% more likely to achieve your goals, simply by writing down on a regular basis. It can be a simple yet powerful habit to establish in your life.

Below are five top tips in why writing things down can be powerful.

  1. Ideas don’t stay for long

The memory isn’t very reliable, and awesome ideas tend not to stay very long in your head. So having a pack of sticky notes by your desk ensures that you can quickly capture your finest moments.

  1. Clarifying your priorities and intentions

Using multiple colours from a sticky notes pad can help to stretch out your thoughts whilst being extremely effective in visually structuring your priorities and intentions. However don’t overdo it, as too much colour can backfire and can overcomplicate a very simple process.

  1. Reminding yourself of what to focus on

We can all get caught up in our everyday business and lose track of what is important. Simply writing little reminders, can help guide you back on track to the more important goals for the day.

  1. Clearer thinking

Holding too many thoughts in your head can become tiring and stressful. Instead jotting down pointers will help you become calmer and more relaxed, and a more effective problem solver.

  1. Encourages daily progress

Lastly, by writing things down you can keep a record of what you did, your thoughts, and how they were acted on. It’s great for reflection and can help you identify how you spend your time and energy.

I would like to invite you to start writing down your goals on your sticky notes and adding them to your work desk. And with 5 STARS extra sticky notes they can last even longer!

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