Are You Part Of The Office Hot Drinks Round?

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April 27, 2016
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9 Reasons people are in or out of the office hot drinks round

Are you part of the office hot drinks round? Or are you one of those individuals who will only make it for themselves. Research by energy company EON, says a total of £38.1 million could be saved if solo-brewers change their habits and join in with tea rounds.


4 Reasons people are not taking part in the round:

  1. OCD fear of people touching their mug in case it gets contaminated. There are always a few people like this in the office, who need to wet-wipe everything; you are not going to find them doing something like this.
  2. Very particular drink preparation involving milk in 1st or 2nd, 6 stirs and a pantone colour of light beige. Most people are not going to meet their exacting and precise standards. A lot of the time they are drinking herbal tea anyway, so it is probably best to leave them to it.
  3. They don’t actually like anyone in their team so can’t bear the thought of cooperating in any way that is not strictly work related. Your classic miserable co-worker! Someone asked once whether they wanted to be part of the round but were met with a scowl.
  4. Fear of forgetting an 8 drink order once a day, which mug you put the sugar in and who does or doesn’t want the tea bag left in. Not taking part is about not wanting to look like an idiot in front of their co-workers.
Scientist and herbal tea office hot drinks round

Very particular drink preparation


5 Reasons why it is really good for you to be in the office hot drinks round:

sketch pad and coffee office hot drinks round

  1. Blue Muggi office hot drinks round

    A Muggi carrier for your mugs

    Team bonding: This is a simple act of non work related kindness which your colleagues will appreciate, unless you are really awful at drinks making.
  2. You get to test your mental faculties: remembering the exact order while someone makes small talk with you in the kitchen is quite a skill. Or you could write it down secretly?
  3. You can get more work done instead of having to get up every time you want a cuppa. Make your round early and you should be set for the day.
  4. It is actually good for you, getting away from staring at the screen and using your keyboard regularly is advised by health & safety regulations.
  5. Those funny drink-related conversations,


“Oh that was a lovely cup of tea, just the right colour”



note pad and coffee office hot drinks round

Hot drinks checklist

Top 5 fears from a tea round: 

If you are looking at basic checklist of what not to do next time you make a round,
a survey in 2015 listed the top 5 fears from a tea round as:

  1. Too milky
  2. Mug not rinsed out properly
  3. Watery residue on top of tea
  4. Bag left in the mug
  5. Mug of tea only half full

Avoid these and you are on to something.



 three people in meeting office hot drinks round

The future of the round

In shock news Nestlé, the company behind Nescafé are putting an end to the round itself! Before you splutter out the coffee you are drinking while reading this they have replaced it with a tin nicknamed ‘the sqround’ (round and square) which give the benefits of being simple to hold, pour and store, a click closure and a hinged lid (so you don’t lose it) to seal in the flavour. For all you miserable “non-rounders” out there, give it a go. What’s the worst that could happen?

Share this article with other Coffee & Tea Lovers you know or speak to your Office products supplier who can help you get a ‘sqround’ to sorting out your Coffee and Tea requirements.


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