3 Top Tips To Get Organised In Your Business

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3 Top Tips to get Organised in your Business -Results from our recent survey of Office Products Sellers

Office products sellers stock most of the tools you could need to organise your Business but we wanted to find out how organised they really were. Our respondents are a confident bunch as 66% said they were the most organised person they know. However 75% of these super-organised people are senior Managers. Does being organised help you climb the career ladder?

The top 3 pieces of advice they gave on organising were:

  • Write lists and prioritise

  • Remove distractions, stop constant email checking to focus on getting projects done

  • Spend time at the end of each day to declutter

Writing lists

Writing things down is a simple way to get many ideas out and it allows a prioritisation of tasks, something that was also picked up in the survey:

“work on the most difficult task first”

To stay organised the humble pen and pad came out as the top tool.

Pen and Paper

The humble pen and pad

Paper in air

Declutter your desk and inbox

Removing distractions – the tyranny of technology

The survey shows that our top organisers tried to get away from the distraction of Email for set periods of the day. This allows you to focus on getting that most important task done. If we all answered every email straight away that came into our inbox, the short term benefit would be outweighed by the failure to deliver on projects important to your Business and your customers.

Declutter at the end of the day

The simple act of setting aside time to declutter your desk and inbox, putting things in folders & Desk Trays, shredding old paperwork etc is important according to the survey. What it also means is next day you can come in and get straight down to work, without having to clear up yesterday’s mess.

The “Super-organised person’s” view of those less organised

Luckily for those of us with a more messy disposition, the survey showed that most of the Office Products Sellers had a charitable view.

light bulb ideas

Organising in your Business

“as long as they get the job done”

What they did stress however is that if you are not doing well at work a messy desk can be viewed as a telling indicator of a lack of efficiency.

The future of organising in your Business

90% of the respondents did not have any official training on “getting organised” within their Business but 33% of respondents do give out advice to their colleagues on this subject as required.

Organisation is often seen as something that is common sense and left to the individual but is it also a training opportunity that you could introduce within your business, which could improve the efficiency of the whole Company?


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